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Severe weather information
Today 28 Mar
Rain, heavy at times, turning to showers this afternoon. Snow falling to 500 metres, affecting Lewis Pass and Porters Pass. Wind at 1000 metres: Westerly 60 km/h, turning southerly 50 km/h late morning. Wind at 2000 metres: Westerly gale 75 km/h, turning southerly gale 65 km/h around midday. Free air freezing level: 2500 metres, lowering to 1000 metres this afternoon.
Wed 29 Mar
Mostly cloudy, with isolated showers. Wind at 1000 metres: Southerly 40 km/h. Wind at 2000 metres: Southerly 50 km/h. Free air freezing level: 1200 metres.
Thu 30 Mar
Partly cloudy. Wind: Light. Free air freezing level: Rising above 3000 metres.