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Severe weather information
Today 26 Sep
North of the Rakaia Gorge: Mostly cloudy. Rain from afternoon, with snow to 700 metres. Elsewhere: Mainly fine, but cloud and patchy drizzle developing about the foothills this evening. Wind at 1000 metres: Southerly 30 km/h developing north of the Rakaia Gorge in the afternoon, rising to 55 km/h this evening, otherwise light. Wind at 2000 metres: Easterly 30 km/h north of the Rakaia Gorge, rising to 60 km/h this afternoon. Light elsewhere. Free air freezing level: North of the Rakaia Gorge: 900 metres. Elsewhere: 1700 metres lowering to 1300 metres tonight.
Wed 27 Sep
A few showers, becoming widespread in the afternoon. Wind at 1000 metres: Light. Wind at 2000 metres: Southerlies 30 km/h, easing in the morning. Free air freezing level: 1700 metres, lifting to 2000 metres in the morning.
Thu 28 Sep
Mostly cloudy, with isolated showers. Wind: Westerlies, rising to gale north of Arthur's Pass. Free air freezing level: 1800 metres, lowering to 1300 metres later.